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Assembly of the Interhol and Futura manhole 

Depending from the clients requests the manhole is delivered on field fully welded or in elements that are assembled with rubber.

Monolithic production

First way to obtain a compact manhole is to produce it as a monolithic, the wanted height in one compact part.

Welded elements 

The second way is with welding of the elements with machine: extruder. The welding is with PE/PP wire. The heating of the PE/PP surface of the elements of the manhole and the melted PE/PP wire from the extruder are joined.  They form a manhole that is 100% waterproof. 

Assembly with rubber 

The third way to obtain consistency is to assemble specially designed rubber between the joining of every elements. This rubber gives full stability to the elements and waterproofing. 


On the base directly can be welded PP or PE socket according to the required dimensions. As a result allow easy and quick connection of manhole to drain line. The pipe which is associated with this connection have to be clean and covered with grease Lubricant Neutrex or similar.

Future manholes are unique products where the Future Base is produced directly with socket. Depending of the customer needs on the base also can directly welded PE/PP socket according the needed dimensions. The sockets allows easy connection of the manhole with the sewage line.


There is specially designed waterproof rubber with different dimensions. Aperture of the base is made with special knife for each dimension, for correctly placement to the aperture, that is 100% waterproof. The rubber is situated on the already made aperture of the basis. Before you put it pipe in it, the rubber must be covered with grease or Lubricant Neutrex or similar.