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Interhol manhole Base 

As a basis for the Interhol Manholes are used 3 different forms of basis that are made that way because of the technical requirements in the process of assembling.

  1. Straight base (input/output under 180°)-BS
  2. 45 degree base (3 inputs/1output under 45°)-BS 2×45º
  3. 90 degree base (3 inputs/1outputs under 90°)-BS TEE

These bases are produced with dimensions from ID 400, ID 600, ID 800 ,ID 1000 and ID 1200.

The waste waters do not remain on the bottom of the basis, that minimizes the existence of unpleasant gases.


 Base ID 600

Inter Construction is producing one base ID600: BS 2×45º  (3 inputs/1output under 45°)

Can connect all kind of pipes from OD 110 to OD/ID 300mm.


Element H H1 L ID h Input 1,2,3/Output
BS 2×45º600.300 450 50 900 600 40 max. OD 300