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The INTERHOL manholes are produced from polyethylene LLDPE; MDPE ;HDPE and polypropylene PP.  According to the standard EN 13598 – 1  can be easily recycled and thermally treated. For control manholes are used manholes with inside diameter 400 mm ( DN/ID 400), 800 mm DN/ID 800, according to the standard EN 13598-1. For easy and constant access to the people in manhole according EN13598-2 standard requirements have DN/ID 1000mm.

Interhol Cone Cover 

The Interhol cover is produced in dimensions ID800 and ID1000. To satisfy the constructor needs cone cover is available in 3 types: 

  1. Low cover( CAP LF/1 )
  2. High cover ( CAP DM/1 )
  3. High cover with extension ( CAP DM/2 )


Element H H1 ID OD
CAP LF 800/1 460 300 800 630
CAP DM 800/2 715 240 800 645
CAP DM 800/2 960 480 800 645

Aiming to achieve the necessary heights we have an additional extension for the covers (CAP EX 600). 

It is designed to be situated on the top of the cone cover satisfy the necessary height. This element is suitable for every cover from the Interhol manhole program.

Element H H1 id
 CAP EX 600  600  100  645