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Made out of material approved for alimentary products, good chemical and corrosive ressistance and a material that can be recycled.

Inter eco crate is a multi product intended for fruit and vegetables and for various other industrial and warehousing applications.

Inter Construction produce 2 types of plastic crates for: disposable packaging and multi use packaging.



Hygienic, solid and stable, our eco-boxes dispose with many features, accessories and variations:

  • easy 
  • robust
  • economic
  • effective 
  • compact
  • 100% safe
  • ergonomic design 
  • UV stable
  • durable on high and low temperatures


Inter eco crate-500

Crate model  length width height
Inter eco crate-500/1 500 300 100
Inter eco crate-500/2 500 300 120
Inter eco crate-500/3 500 300 160

Inter eco crate-400

Crate model  length width height
Inter eco crate-400 400 300 220

Inter eco crate-500/2

Crate model length width height
Inter eco crate-500/2-1 500 300 220
Inter eco crate-500/2-2 500 300 260