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Model 1

Outdoor trash bin

Inter eco trash bin 50l 

Element Мass (kg) Recomended height of setting (mm) А (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
50 l 4.3±5% 1000 340 750 404

Model 2

Urban outdoor trash bin

The Urban-Eco bin 50 liter bins are made by injection technology, which are manufactured from super HDPE material. They are UV-resistant and waterproof. Its design fully matches the areas where it will be positioned. They can be made in many colors.
The urban-eco bin is maintained by washing with all kinds of detergents and hygiene fluids.
It is made according to the DIN standard.
The hardening system is made of plastic, forming a strong armor that is housed inside the bin and allows easy installation to candelabra, pillars, walls and steel tubes.