Extension ID 1000

/Extension ID 1000
Extension ID 1000 2017-10-13T13:15:48+02:00

Interhol Extensions 

Extension ID 1000

Wanting to satisfy every height, Interhol manholes are equipped  with 5 different extensions. That can be easily joined in order to achieve the wanted height.

The supreme strength and the long lifetime of our product is not guaranteed only with the high quality material.

Our extraordinary design with particular attention given to the horizontal and vertical ribs make the product statically enduring.


Element H ID
EX 250.1000 310 1000
EX 500.1000 535 1000
EX 750.1000 770 1000
EX 1000.1000 1020 1000

Cascade extension ID 1000 

This product is specially designed for making cascade manhole, to allow connection of the input pipes of the required height.


Element H ID Input
KAS EX 500.1000 535 1000 OD/ID 110-OD 400

Other features 

  • The scales are compactly casted during the production of the element itself.

  • The design of these scales gives the workers big security while entering the manhole.

  • The white color inside the manhole gives additional security.