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Intalation of the Interhol manhole

Manhole settings

PE and PP manholes must be set on a hard sandy surface, and to use material that fits on lateral charging or fillings (compression). The dimensions of the separated material should be from 0 to 32 cm, and the dimensions of the crushed material should be from 0 to 16 cm.
The surface should be made in layers of 15 to 20 cm and filled (compressed) to 97% by Procter. In case of presence of ground water, the surface should be 30 cm made of concrete MB 15. Due to low weight the manual installation is possible, in case of machine handling tying the ropes and ribbons is allowed only around the button, bases manhole or to apertures intended for it.

Manhole fillings

You have to use the same material as for the foundation. To fill the manhole correctly, grained material has to be compressed in layers of 30 cm max, up to 97% of Procter, at least 50 cm wide around the manhole. Filling around and under the manhole is important to prevent possible deformation and leaning.

Set up of concrete ring

In case of heavy traffic, it is necessary to put a concrete ring on the cone. This concrete ring must not be in touch with the cone of the manhole. The empty space above the cone and the concrete ring should be 40 mm, and between the cone and the ring a rubber is set up. The cone should penetrate in the concrete ring 50 mm. In this way the static and the dynamic load will not be transferred on the body of the manhole but on the pressed sand and the base around the manhole. The concrete ring is not necessary in case of installation where there is no traffic and can be used a direct polyethylene/polypropylene cover or metal cover B 125.

Storage and transport instructions

  1. During storage and transport of manhole components sorting over sharp and spiny object is not allowed therefore avoiding point overloading
  2. While unloading manholes from trucks to the forklifts should be used assisted by straps, without throwing it from height.
  3. While moving, pulling over sharp edges or sharp objects should be avoided
  4. Storage height depends of the geometry of the components, but heights above 2.5 m are not recomended.
  5. The products can be stored outdoor because they have UV protection. If storage period is longer than 2 years, protection from direct sunlight is needed.
  6. Freezing is not an issue for Interhole and Future manholes because PE and PP are stable until -35°C. Althought elasticity of the rubber sealing rings might be reduced, which might cause installation difficulties.
  7. Products should be kept away from organic solvents and direct flame exposure.
  8. Modular manhole are delivered together.
  9. Every component of the manhole has its ID number.