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Cap for anti-hail system

Cap for anti-hail system is an innovative product that serves to strengthen the wire in agricultural plant. The cap is placed on the reinforced concrete pillar or iron pillar above it can be net protection from sunlight (depending on which product is the agricultural branch). This product is designed for one or two wires to pass on its channels ie wires to intersect eccentrically to one another of 90 °.



Barriers are used for traffic divert, Securing the traffic, pedestrians protection Railing objects under construction redirect traffic reservation of parking spaces, railing bus facilitie.



Polyethylene reservoirs are available in three sizes from 1000l, 500l and 300l. They are produced in white, black and blue color, but depending from the needs they can be produced in other colors as well. These reservoirs are used for the storage of water, alimentary products, derivates and some similar products. The reservoirs have wide temperature range from around -30°C to +70ºC


Inter Eco Bins

All products are produced using high-quallity technology of injection molding. Manufactured from HDPE using high quality material environmental firndly materials, and that means that they are resistant to UV rays, different abbrasive environments and high/low temperatures.


Inter Eco Crate

Hygienic, solid and stable, our eco-boxes dispose with many features, accessories and variations. Made out of material approved for alimentary products, good chemical and corrosive ressistance and a material that can be recycled. Eco box is a multi product intended for fruit and vegetables and for various other industrial and warehousing applications.


Interhol Manhole

The INTERHOL manholes are produced from polyethylene LLDPE; MDPE ;HDPE and polypropylene PP, according to the standard EN 13598 - 1 from ecological material with very high quality that can be easily recycled and thermally treated. For control manholes are used manholes with inside diameter 400 mm ( DN/ID 400), 800 mm DN/ID 800, according to the standard EN 13598 - 1. For easy and constant access to the people in manhole according to the EN13598-2 standard requirements have DN/ID 1000mm.


Future Manhole

The new generation INTERHOL manholes-Future is made of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) according standard EN 13598-1, EN 13698-2. Environmental and high quality materials that can be easily recycled and thermally treated.